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High Fashion Photoshoot Ideas

You need to know what is latest high fashion photoshoot ideas are in 2020 if you are selling clothes online or if you really want to impress your clients.

Before you start with high fashion photoshoot ideas for your online store or for your clients you should check your competitor’s portfolio and make a plan accordingly.

You also need to check which camera, lens and positions they are using to get eye catchy images during the fashion photoshoot. Nowadays everyone is interested in presenting their product in a creative way which may be noticed by more people and helping them to grow their products, revenue and brands. If you are one of those, your fashion photography service is in demand.

13 High Fashion Photoshoot Ideas 2020

Before you start with fashion photography you need to check all your kits like camera, lens, backgrounds, products, lightings etc. Also need to check what kind of poses are required in many angels, studios etc.

You need to discuss with the model and makeup team what type of poses and make up you require during the photography.

1. Best camera for fashion photography

When you are starting fashion photoshoot for your clients the image quality should be number one priority. There are many different cameras available in today’s technology world. There are many popular brand’s DSLR available in the market and after done with some review you can choose one of the best according to your need and budget.

Let’s discuss some best DSLR which are recommended by popular fashion photographers.

1. Nikon D850

Nikon D850

Nikon D850 was released in the year of 2017 and it was really famous because of high resolutions and impressive photoshoot performance at 7fps. This is an ideal camera for the fashion photographers as it integrates with high resolutions and speed of shooting.

During the fashion photoshoot you need a camera that is really durable, fast and handy to use. Because you need to produce a very high quality fashion photograph and for the same Nikon D850 is really impressive and comes with many features which are required for the fashion photography.

When Nikon launched D800 and D800E it created the standard for image quality and high resolutions photography. This camera allows to shoot fast action with 45.7 megapixels top level resolutions. So it is the best for the fashion photoshoot in 2020 as well.

2. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is built with powerful inheritance of the 5D series. This camera is also offering great image quality performance. It is really ideal for fashion and wedding photoshoot as a professional photographer recommended this powerful EOS 5D Mark IV.

This full-frame 30.4 megapixel CMOS sensor with dual pixel AF is worth generating high quality images. Canon is improving the coverage of the shooting area with 5D IT’s autofocus so it is the best one while you are shooting models for a long time. One of the best features for fashion photoshoot is quick AF and 5D can produce.

The Focus exactness has been advanced with a refined 61-point AF system and Canon’s outstanding Dual Pixel CMOS AF for fast easy photography. Fast photography is improved with Canon’s DIGIC 6 image processor. It’s producing continues shooting at up to 7.0 fps.

3. Sony Alpha a7R III


Sony Alpha a7R III has outstanding autofocus. Autofocus comes with many options like wide mode, expand flexible spot, flexible spot and Eye AF mode. This will help to generate outstanding photography of your models.

It has also introduced the 5-axis optical in-body image stabilization features which will give your very stabilized images while your model is moving for many different poses.

I have added just 3 best cameras over here but there are many other best cameras available that you can check for fashion photoshoot.

tip-2. Best lens for fashion photography

There are a number of lenses available in the market from chip to high rate. You can go through it and buy one of the best that you require. We have asked professional photographers which one is their favourite lens or they are using during the fashion photoshoot.

Out of those surveys we have introduced four best lenses for fashion photoshoot below from the top brands. Here we have divided into the two parts of Canon and Nikon.

Best canon lens for fashion photography

1. Canon EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM Lens


This lens is Prominent by its high quality design and IS capabilities. The EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM is best for short telephoto for fashion photoshoot from Canon. It is a L-series lens depicted by sophisticated optical layout added one glass-molded aspherical element to greatly decrease spherical aberrations and distortion for improved sharpness and clarity.

It comes with a great amalgamation of optics, performance and advanced durable design. This is the first Canon’s 85mm L-series IS capability with advanced optical formula and large diameter aspherical lens. This is the ideal for portraiture photography as it provides a natural distance between photographer and models. The EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM has introduced the best medium-telephoto lens from Canon.

For continued high quality and outstanding results EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM had introduced features of the image stabilizer system. That producing good shake reductions for up to 4* shutter speed steps. This helps to generate awesome sharp photographs.

2. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM is the multipurpose focal length available. The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM 50mm lens introduced by Canon with normal length and suited for fashion photography. The brightness of f1.8 is aperture advantages control over depth of field for isolating subject matter.

It comes with super spectra coating which will apply individual elements to reduce ghosting and flare for good lightning, natural color and sharp picture. It has an STM stepping AF motor producing smooth pictures with silent autofocus with high speed performance.

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM built with metal for durability and re-located focusing ring to maintain a compact form factor.

Best Nikon lens for fashion photography

1. Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G Lens


Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G is one of the best lenses for fashion photography. It comes with a short-telephoto best introduced by its bright f/1.4 max aperture and capabilities to separate the subject by using superficial depth of field.

It is a little bit long focal length with fast design introduced by a rounded nine-blade diaphragm as it is allowed to produce bokeh quality. This lens is specially designed for fashion or portrait photography including ultra-fast, high quality image and sharpness. The Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G is working well on FX and DX sensors for generating sharp images.

Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G is a top grade lens that advances optical formula for top level sharpness. It has an AF-D focus motor with a faster and perfect silent wave motor. It is also compatible with dust and tough weather so you can shoot your outdoor photography in any conditions.

2. Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S


Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S is commonly famous in many professional photographers. This 50mm focal length allowed a shallow depth of field and nice soft bokeh. It is also maintaining sharp and clear pictures during the fashion photography.

This Nikon nifty fifties robust build with light weight, easy to use and very handy. It’s the best or ideal lens for portraits and landscape photography.

3.Best Studio Photography Lighting Kits

If you are a professional photographer so you know there are numbers of lighting options available in the market. You can purchase it online, local store or marketing according to your needs and budget. Here I have mentioned about the 3 lighting kits.

1. LimoStudio 800 Watt

The LimoStudio 800 Watt lighting set is recommended for studio photography. It is good for professionals and beginner photographers both. These kits come with two white nylon umbrellas to soften any additional lights. The stand of the umbrella is adjustable according to your needs.

Umbrella stands have a double head photo lighting holder which is universal so you cam attached one or two 45 watts light bulbs as per the requirement. Each light holder has a speared switch which you can control according to needs. LimoStudio 800 Watt kits come with three 6×9 food backdrops and support stand of 10 feet. The background you can get in three choice able colors, white, black and green.

2. Fovitec Studio Pro 2500 Watt


Fovitec Studio Pro is well-known lighting kits for the professional photographer. It comes in a medium size area which is best suitable for small apartments or studios. These kits included two five socket head soft boxes offering 2500 watts of power. You can adjust the height according to your need from 2’8” to 7’6” for each fashion photoshoot.

If you are a fashion photographer so Fovitec Studio Pro is providing perfect lighting kits for your photography. You can set up and adjust the lightning as well. Moreover you can also use any camera and lens with these lightning kits that you need to capture the images.

4. The Best Tripod For Photography


When we discuss the tripod so many beginners would like to know why they need a tripod and what is the importance of the tripod during the photography. Whatever photography you prefer but at the same time a tripod is also a most important tool. Mainly in those criteria where you cannot hold the camera steady or need to continue shooting the numbers of images. In all this situation a tripod will assist you to shoot stabilized pictures.

There are many advantages to shooting with tripods like while you are using a heavy camera for a long time for a number of the photographs at the same time this gear will help you a lot. After done with each photoshoot you can check in your computer and decide what kind of picture you need next.

I personally use the two or three different kinds of tripod and believe me it’s helping me a lot while I need to shoot for a long time. There are numbers of carbon fiber tripods available in the market which you can purchase.

5. Fashion photography background

Fashion photography background

While you are setting up your studio for fashion photography at the time you also need to think about which background that you will be using. There are numbers of backgrounds available that you can use as per the requirements. Normally photographers are using white backgrounds usually.

There are many reasons to use the white color background. First reason you can shoot any color of clothes with white background will reflect the subject only. Another reason is it will reduce your time during the photo retouching and editing.

Moreover it also depends on your requirement like many photographers are using grey, green, black color background as well. You can also use a vinyl background.

6.High Fashion Photoshoot Poses


There are hundreds of styles and trends for fashion photoshoot that you can use your own way. You also need to check the latest trends that are used by the professionals for their fashion photography. You can also check online stores or your competitor’s portfolio and plan with your photography.

You have to be creative with your fashion photography which attracts your buyers, clients etc.

7. Black and white fashion photography

Black and white fashion photography

Photography without any color that means you need to take care of clothes, lighting and accessories that you are using. Black and white photoshoot seems to be ageless in comparison to color photographs. Nowadays everywhere you notice that there are color photographs only available in comparison to black and white photographs. So some time black and white fashion photography makes an attention and look different or vintage photography.

I have seen that fine art photographers are used to having black and white photographs for propensity to gap the subject matter from reality. Black and white fashion photography is a nice idea while the color brings only as a disturbance from the messages that you need to convey.

In many cases black and white fashion photography also succeeds. You can also use the many different tones of black, white and grey color to make your model or subject more attractive.

8. Outdoor fashion photography

Outdoor fashion photography

Many professional and beginners photographers preferred fashion photoshoot to get a nice location, space, natural light and low investment. It looks like a simple or easy task but there are some points that you need to keep in your mind before you start.

Before you start with outdoor fashion photography, First of all you need to know the perfect location and timing. You must visit the place and check how many images that you want to shoot and which background objects will be great for the photography.

During the visit before photography you can also take some photographs to have more idea of how it will look after photography and how much background that you need to cover with photographs.

This one will save your time during the photography and even it will help you in next outdoor fashion photography. Pre-planned and pre visualizing your frame will save time and you can shoot more photographs in a short time.

9. Fashion photography poses

Outdoor fashion photography

Before you start with fashion photography from many angles you should plan for the style and position that you need. You can discuss with your male or female models regarding the same as what you are looking for and how you can present your product, clothes, jewelry with photography.

You should also check what the latest trends are and how your favorite photographers or competitors are shooting the photograph. You can also check which location and whether they are using outstanding fashion photoshoot. You need to shoot from many different poses to make your photography outstanding. It will help buyers to purchase your product quickly.

You can start with just simple fashion photography like sitting, walking or standing etc.

10. Vintage fashion photography

Vintage fashion photography

Today there are advanced photography techniques available but still people also love to see vintage fashion photography. Vintage fashion photography looks like it was taken 50 to 60 years ago. Many young couples are selecting vintage photography for their wedding or engagement which looks timeless and glamorous.

Vintage fashion photography is not just followed by the professionals but beginners also use it very well. Here vintage photography doesn’t mean to take only black and white photography but you must use modern vintage photography style. Vintage photography style means look and feel like old images.

Before you start with vintage fashion photography you need to select the hair style, clothes and other accessories that you need to use which gives a vintage look to your photography. Nowadays vintage style photography is called new old. The images are high quality but give a look like old with the retro-looking subjects.

11. Mens fashion photography

Mens fashion photography

Many people believe that mens fashion photography is a bit difficult in comparison to females’, like how to take poses as models. But there are a number of ideas used by professional photographers. You can take poses in many different styles like Counter pose, Strolling, Arching Arm, One Leg Up, Hands in Pockets, Standing Poses, Sitting Poses and many more.

You need to check a professional photographer’s portfolio and need to study what they are doing and what type of style they are using according to current trends. One of the major differences is face expression in comparison to female fashion photography. So I have seen that in mens fashion photography most of the photographers are using arching arms, strolling, and head shots most of the time.

12. Lifestyle fashion photograph

Lifestyle fashion photograph

Lifestyle fashion photography is also a part of fashion photography. Lifestyle fashion photography is all about to show daily lifestyle whereas photography. So lifestyle photography is sometimes shot without any direction or somewhere between documentary and portraiture.

Lifestyle photography is shooting portraits or real life events. You can say it’s interactions to routine life moments. That means it is not about planning before you start with photography but lifestyle photography requires a different approach than fashion photography.

So provide a clear direction that what you want to shoot but not be limited with many other styles. With lifestyle photography you also need to take care that this is fast playing photography so there is very low opportunity to re compose the shot again. Fashion images are dedicated to showing clothing and other fashion items in the best possible terms. It uses deeply ingrained human psychology to create an interest in and a desire for a product. Here are other useful resources on fashion photography to read.

13. Photo Retouching

After done with any photography Fashion Photo Retouching Services and editing is the most important part nowadays. With photo retouching you can make your photo more attractive and eye catchy. So you can use it for your online product selling or use it on social media for branding. Let’s discuss what photo retouching is and why it’s the most important part of photography.

1. What is photo retouching?

Photo retouching is the process of creating the image for final presentation. Photo retouching includes color correction of clothes, product and enhance it, removing spots, wrinkle removing and skin retouching, skin enhancement, cropping etc. Photo retouching is giving a life to your still photo.

Photo retouching is keeping your photography as it is but looking more natural.

2. Photo retouching rates

After doing the photography you can start your photo retouching task by yourself as well. But if you are a professional photographer it is time taking a task for you. Instead of investing your timing with photo retouching you can focus on your main task like photography and get more clients.

There are lot’s photo editing agency out there who are working with low or reasonable costs for the same. Our photo retouching services rates are starting from 0.59$ per image and delivering within 24 to 48 hours. So after you are done with all your photography at the end of the day you just need to upload the images and when you come back to your studio or office the next day morning you just need to download retouched images.

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