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Confusing what jewelry background is make attractive your jewelry products like rings, necklace, earrings, bracelet, and watches. I have included 16 successful jewelry backgrounds which you can use for your online store to increase sales or use it for branding your products.

16 Successful Jewelry Backgrounds

There are many types of jewelry in the market with different types and looks. Nowadays almost everyone also prefers to purchase it online as well no matter how much it. So while you are selling something online you need to start with product photography nicely and upload it online.

While you start a photography of jewelry you need to take care of creative photography in many angles, lighting, backgrounds, props, and camera everything.

The over goal to make it attractive, eye-catching and look real. So this will help to increase the sale and you can also share over the social media for the branding.

While you are shooting jewelry the background is the most important part. There are many ways you can change the background and make your product look attractive during the photography. Let’s discuss some creative backgrounds for jewelry photogrpahy below.

Before you start with jewelry photography and choose the right background you must clean the jewelry to look more attractive looks.

1. Use a simple white background

Jewelry Photo Retouching

White background you can use for any jewelry photography. White background is easily available like you can use any white thick cloth or paper sheet for the same.

White background is very simple and you can start with basic photography with a low budget. With white background you don’t need to go through any other background process or need to find any other objects as well so it will save your time as well.

Sometimes jewelry has many different parts with different colors. In this case you may not use other colors as buyers need to check from every angle and every part. So in this case if you are using two or three colors background it may confuse your buyers as well.

Jewelry is expensive and also attached with emotions while purchasing wedding rings, ceremony rings or gifts for someone special.

White background shows your jewelry clean and professional and helps customers to purchase the costly products. White background photography also saves your time and money for photo retouching services.

2. Jewelry Photography on Black Background

Jewelry Photography on Black Background

Black background is eye catchy for the diamond jewelry and colorful stones. The black surface also give you great reflection. You can normally find out black background with costly or most expensive jewelry.

Black background easily you can get from stone or hardware stores. You can use a 50×50 cm block for jewelry photography background.

While you are using black background you need to make sure it should shine against the background like stone or glass. It will help to reflect or shadow the jewelry.

3. Use Grey Background

Grey Background Jewelry

Grey background nowadays for online store and branding over social media. You can use light grey color as background only else it will not represent the jewelry.

You can use grey background for gold or rose gold jewelry to reflect the best detail of each part. If you use like white gold or diamond kind of jewelry it will not look eye-catching and even not represent the details of the jewelry products.

Grey background normally is a bit famous and nowadays used as an option for black and white colors. For the grey background you can use the hard and thick papers hit or kind or stone or glass.

But with this kind of background you need to take care of reflection or shadow to look natural.

4. Gradient, Patterns and texture Background

Gradient, Patterns and texture Background

Gradient, Patterns and texture Background is the good presenter for jewelry photography.

With this kind of background you can use those kinds of backgrounds which make an attractive look of background and highlight your jewelry as well. Gradient, Patterns and texture Background you can include also like pearl, charcoal or granite for many different shades.

You can purchase this kind of background online as well at affordable rates. If you check online there are thousands of backgrounds available which you can choose and purchase. Moreover you can also visit the craft shop in the near area and purchase it at around 10 to 15$ per sheet.

5. Branded Theme or Branded Background

Branded Background

Nowadays many companies are using their own branded theme background to create their own identity and brand on social media. For this kind of background companies design their own background digitally including logo and color.

While your graphic designing team is creating this type of background you should take care of light backgrounds which you can use for all kinds of jewelry.

You also need to take care that colors are from your logo from your brands only. This will help you to make your identity on online and social media platforms.

6. Bokeh background

Bokeh background

Bokeh background you can use as photography background for the jewelry. With bokeh background you can display or highlight the particular part of the jewelry.

You can use it for any kind of jewelry. It doesn’t matter if it is big or small. Even with this kind of background you don’t need to use any other materials as well.

7. Gold Background

Gold Background

Gold background is only popular in some countries and basically using for gold jewelry branding like bangles or bracelet etc. I have seen that many big brands are using gold backgrounds for their expensive jewelry.

In this gold background you can use different shades of yellow or golden color according to your jewelry products and needs. With this kind of background you need to take care that the background represents your jewelry product properly and help buyers to make decisions.

8. Natural Backgrounds

Natural Backgrounds

Natural background will also give you an awesome look and you can use it as a jewelry photography background. You can use leaves, grass, flowers etc.

This will give your very creative and very natural look jewelry photography. Not only natural looks but it will also save your money and time as well. While you are using a natural background, jewelry makes you jewelry look creative and attractive.

9. Sparkles Background

Sparkles Background

You can also use sparkle background especially for the diamond jewelry. Diamond jewelry like wedding rings, necklace etc.

Diamond jewelry looks beautiful with a sparkle background but you can also use the colorful stones jewelry for the same. There are many type of sparkle background that you can use it with different dark colors like black or green etc.

You can purchase the sparkle in many different colors from online stores or local craft shops and use it with a background for jewelry photography.

10. Graphite Background

Graphite Background

Graphite or black stone background normally used for very expensive jewelry by big brands.

With this kind of background you can photograph jewelry like necklaces or pearl jewelry most of the time. It looks natural and attracts the customer while they are looking for quite expensive jewelry.

11. Wooden Background

Wooden Background

You can also use wood as a jewelry background. You can use wood to represent for any jewelry that you want to sell or branding. But I have noticed that many photographers use it for rubric or red color and blue color.

You can also use it for the pearl jewelry or any other jewelry for the same with including some leaves, flowers to make it look attractive.

12. Marine Theme

Marine Theme

You can also use the marine kind of background for the jewelry photography. It will look very creative and different.

I have seen that you can use pearl jewelry photography with a marine theme background. You can set up the entire idea according to your need and start the photography.

For the same you can purchase required Martial from the local craft shops as well.

13. Colorful Background

Colorful Background

Colorful background you can use while it’s a very different color than your jewelry color. For example if you are shooting colorful jewelry at that time you may use a light color background. If you will not make this kind of difference during the photography it will not attract the customers.

So while you are using a colorful background you need to take care of color according to jewelry.

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14. Workshop Background

Workshop Background

Workshop background use as creative one background which will look different. You can use some small tools for jewelry making around the jewelry and make it very creative.

Customers will also feel that its look like fresh made jewelry. Very few people are using this kind of setup as a workshop background.

15. Flower Background

Flower Background

Create a flower as a photography background especially for the ceremony or wedding rings. Many jewelry photographers are using the red or pink roses for the special gifts or ceremony rings.

This kind of background looks very romantic and attractive to the buyers. It also helps them to make decisions very quick. You can spray water or sparkle over the fresh roses and start to take pictures as well.

16. Book Background

Book Background

Book background looks simple and beautiful. You can use white page simple background instead of a colorful background like magazine pages.

For the Beginners this is the best option ever as it will save your time and money during the photography and it needs very minimum jewelry photo retouching as well.

So as beginners you don’t have to spend more time to find a background for jewelry photography. You can simply start with books available at home.


Overall I have mentioned above 16 background ideas which you can use but at the end you can also create your own background different from these 16 ideas. A creative background motto is to make jewelry photography look eye-catching and increase your sales.

You can also share it over social media to make it a small to big brand. You can use anything that you have handy to create an awesome jewelry background.

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