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Clipping Path Service or image background removal services is customarily used when businesses need to make an object or a person stand out from the cluttered background. Such Photoshop Clipping Path Service are professional offerings that extract objects from the stagnant images and are used as a background remover so as to make the product or the person as the point of focus. Photo Technolabs is a Best Clipping Path Service Provider that offers state-of-the-art Photo editing service to a globally spread client base. We make every effort to deliver the utmost quality of images that will match our clients’ expectations and will help them attract their target customers. Photo Technolabs provides Photoshop Editing Service in quick time that too in an affordable price. We specialize in high-quality clipping path services and advanced image background removal services. Our team of expert photo editors specialize in different photography categories like fashion photo editing, Jewelry Photo Retouching Services and product photo editing tasks.

We work round the clock to supply exquisite image-editing services and help you meet all your deadlines.We at Photo Technolabs, specialize in high-quality, hand-drawn clipping path, superior Photoshop mask, shadow effect, retouching, and other Photo Editing services. The use of clipping paths has come to be the industry widespread for disposing of backgrounds precisely and professionally, chiefly due to the fact they can be applied topics with each hard and soft edges. Compound paths can even be used for complicated photos or a couple of coloration inside a single image. Over the years, we have built our reputation of being one of the best clipping path service provider through our work and dedication. We focus on doing the most image background removal services for you and ensure 100% client satisfaction. We make sure that our clipping path or cut out image projects are clean, accurate and as per clients needs. Photo Technolabs brings your images to life!

Clipping Path Service Categories

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    Simple Clipping Path

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    Medium Clipping Path

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    Complex Clipping Path

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    Super Complex Clipping Path

What is Clipping Path?

A new era of photography has taken the world by storm, thanks to the advancement of technology. A photo software can help manipulate images in as many ways as required. One of the tools in Photoshop is the clipping path, a vector graphic which is used for outlining or cutting an object. It enables to cut out the photos or remove the background in a way that only the subject is present in the picture. In other words, clipping path is a way of editing and retouching images to enhance its quality.


Basic Clipping Paths

Clipping Path Service

Basic clipping path is the foremost category. It generally requires a single direction with frequently straight curves, on account that the photo does no longer have any holes. This approach applied to round, rectangular, and small curved formed product such as ball, mobile, plate, ring, egg, book, spoon etc.

Simple Clipping Path

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Simple Clipping Path, often called easy or basic clipping path, contains no holes and less curves. This service can be applied on product images which have round, square or simple curved shapes like ball, egg, spoon, book, bottle etc . Through this, a product is made to look more attractive to potential customers thereby increasing its sale. Easy clipping path is useful for colour correction techniques and used in newspapers, magazines, model photography and more. It is simple as it involves less time, effort and money.

Medium Clipping Paths

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Medium clipping path is actually like cutting an image from a magazine using scissors. It is generally used for curved products with holes. This includes products like ring, ear-ring, watch,T-shirt, shoes, chair, camera etc. In this the number of curves and support points of the path is greater than the basic clipping path. In order to identify or select outline areas of an image, designers use a highly accurate pen tool. This creates an outline around the image, thus the picture can be easily removed from its background.

Who need Clipping path service?

Website, online store or eCommerce site
Design agency who needs a lot of unique images quite often
Professional Photographer or Photo Studio
Bloggers who wants the images to be professionally edited
Publishers & Manufacturing Companies

Benefits of Clipping Path?

Background removal or modification
Better Quality Images
Color correction
Recreating Graphics and logos


As a clipping path service provider, Photo Technolabs strives to deliver the best clipping path service and image background removal services to its widespread client base. The designer team that works on our projects is well-versed with complexities that are linked with the clipping path process and are trained to deliver comprehensive solutions in a defined time frame. At Photo Technolabs, we understand the importance of images for our clients’ businesses and make sure that they are of the utmost quality. Our team of highly skilled designers allows us to deliver images in which the object or the person takes the center stage and remove the chaotic background that is distracting and unwanted.

Our experienced photo editing team having years of the ride in imparting clipping path and deep-etching services. We’re experts in Photoshop’s Pen Tool, which allows us to outline tremendously unique clipping paths. So, if you choose to picture heritage removal offerings and make your normal images look like professional, please don’t kill your valuable time by means of doing difficult works of editing backgrounds. Free online automatic tools now not gonna assist you in a professional way. Just handover your duties to us. two



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