Photo Technolabs FAQ

How to hire Photo Technolabs?

  • You can start with a free trial with us in case you want to gauge our quality level. Please visit https://phototechnolabs.com/free-trial/ to initiate a trial process.
  • For bulk orders, you can directly send us your request on sales@phototechnolabs.com and we will get back to you with all the requisite information.<

What are your services?

  • We provide all types of image editing services like Cut-out, Clipping path, Masking, Image retouching, Enhancement, Restoration and Vectorization.

Is it free trial available?

  • Yes. We do offer a free trial offer up to 2 images so that you can judge our service quality before taking your final decision.Please visit https://phototechnolabs.com/free-trial/ to initiate a trial process.

Which image formats do you accept?

  • Over the years, we have developed our skill to work with various image formats. We accept images of any file types and sizes ( PSD, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.). So do not hesitate to send your files, no matter whatever the format is.

How do I send files over to you?

  • One way to send images to us is to use Please use our official e-mail id: Sales@phototechnolabs.com
  • You can also use online file transferring tools like wetransfer.com, Google Drive, Dropbox

What is your Turn-around time?

  • The turn-around clock begins once we have received the order, image files and a confirmation to begin the job. Generally we maintain tur-around time of 24 hours. For bulk orders, delivery is done in 3 business days.
  • The turn-around time may become longer during peak seasons.
  • Additional job after sending original batch can also extend the turn-around time.

Do You Have Any Quality Assurance Process?

  • It is very much important to complete a project within the required time. But it is more important to finish the work maintaining high quality. Yes, we strongly follow 3 step quality control process throughout our workflow. It ensures the finest quality of the finished photos.

What If I Am Not Happy?

  • We maintain our quality with our own guideline or according to our clients’ direction strictly to ensure the most quality work. However, we guarantee you 100% money back as per company rules if you are not satisfied.

How Do I Know My Photos Are Ready To Download?

  • You will be notified when images are on our server and ready for you to download.

Do you work on weekends/holidays?

  • We provide round the clock services all year. We work 24x7x365 including weekends and holidays.

What Is Your Payment System?

  • We have a secure and hassle free payment system. Payment can be completed via PayPal using credit cards. We also accept transaction via wire banking is also available.

Do you follow non-destructive techniques?

  • Yes, we follow non-destructive techniques maintaining the originality of the image.

Do you sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?

  • Yes, We do sign NDA as we respect the privacy of your images/work and follow strict privacy policy.

How Do I Download The Completed Images?

  • We will create a profile on our FTP server for you with specific login info, where we will keep all your ready images. We will provide you that log in info so that you can easily download your images from our FTP server.
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