How To Photograph Jewelry

How To Photograph Jewelry

While you are starting your career as a jewelry photographer it’s important to know how to photograph jewelry first. Nowadays creative photography is part of online stores. Online selling and purchasing is very normal no matter the products are cheap or costly. In 2020 people are getting more choice, options and offers online so they are trusting and buying it.

To increase online sales, making your product as a brand photography is the most important task. All jewelry photography is the front face of the store and if you are sharing creative and high quality jewelry photography it will increase your sales and present you as a brand.

Jewelry photography is a challenging task as jewelry has many small details that you need to highlight to present on the images like stone color, diamond shining, different angle, background, thousands designs etc.

You also need to make a list of which gadget you require before you start with a jewelry photograph. Need to include things like lighting, camera, tripod, props, etc.

How to Photograph Jewelry on White Background?

Have you ever tried to get an idea of how jewelry gets absolute shots of jewelry products with white background? Did you check your competitors what they have done with their photograph and how the image looks. If you are new to jewelry photography or a beginner and looking for how to photograph jewelry, this blog is for you.

But before we move forward on how to photograph jewelry on white background let’s discuss the 5 most important advantages of it.

jewelry retouching

1. Time Saving

There are many benefits when you shoot jewelry with white background. White background streamlines the process of jewelry photography. So it should not require a comprehensive process to shoot it and time saving. So time saving also helps to make it an economic and fast process of photography and in less time you can shoot more photographs.

2. Colors influence

Jewelry is expensive and as I have mentioned below it has many parts that customers need to check in detail before purchasing it. Many time color effects make clients confused and not be able to see the details of each part of jewelry properly. While having white background helps to focus on jewelry products only.

3. Trust Building

Jewelry is an expensive product but it is also attached with emotions as well. Many people are purchasing a wedding ring, ceremony gifts etc.

White backgrounds always present your product look clean and professional. This will help you to build the trust between you and your buyers. Trust is the first priority while your customer is purchasing online. Because customers need to take the decision from the online images only while they are purchasing costly products.

4. Increase the sales

Eighty percent of customers believed that clear crystal details of the jewelry photographs were more important and it helped them to take the right decision. So here white background enhances the all small details with white background and shows the right quality of the jewelry products.

5. Save your time for photo retouching as well.

While you are shooting a jewelry product with white background so it is also saving your time during the photo editing and retouching task. Main benefits is you don’t have to spend your time for the background removing task which is sometimes complicated with jewelry photographs.

Moreover you just need to focus on color enhancement and retouching it for the shining. So there are a number of benefits to shooting your any kind of products with white background. It is a trust bridge between you and your clients.

From 2012 most of the eCommerce companies are asking their client’s to upload only white background products images. Like amazon has taken the decision in 2014 and only allowed to upload white background images.

Types of Jewellery Photo shoot Ideas

There are few techniques and options available which you can use to have a nice soft white background.

Lightbox/Light tent

The lightbox or light tent is the best option to use as a white background during the jewelry photography. This jewelry photography kit is helping to achieve high quality images with soft light and color free background. So before you start with photography you need to collect all required things like lightning, camera, white boards etc.

How to Photograph Jewelry for best results.

So from video of some experts you can understand that you can do lots of creativity with your Jewelry photograph.

You need to think about what creativity you can do by yourself to get awesome jewelry photography in many different ways to attract the customers over the online stores and social media. Which will help to increase the trust and sales convert into the brand.

Jewelry photography props

You can try jewelry photography props as well to present your jewelry in many ways. You can buy those props from many craft stores for necklace photography which is the best way to showcase your products as well. I have seen that most of the jewelry stores are using black busts to showcase most of the jewelry. You can also check that and try your own creativity.

As you have seen in the above expert’s video that you should go through many jewelry photographers’ portfolios to get an idea about the techniques, background, lightning, camera, tripod they are using. Always find out new and creative ideas about background, cardboard, paper and other things that you can use and make your jewelry product outstanding. You can also use martial arts like flowers, wooden backgrounds, white and color stone, granite to get attractive jewelry photographs.

Use Cardboard

If you are a beginner or working with a low budget project so in that case you can also use the jewelry clipboard. You can purchase a cardboard and place the thick white paper over it. After that you can place your jewelry over it with the clip and start to take outstanding jewelry photographs.

Now let’s discuss some more ideas, tips and techniques to get a more attractive jewelry photograph.

How to Photograph Wedding Rings?

As I have mentioned above that you need to find out many creative ideas to showcase your jewelry products. Wedding rings are the most important and emotional gift of life for everyone. While you start thinking about photography, wedding rings showcase it in a romantic way. You can use some candle lights or roses to look more attractive.

Other creative ways you can add multiple lights and water with black stone. Next process would be to set up the camera and tripod to take some sample photography. On the other hand, try to take photography from many different angles.

How to Photograph Wedding Rings

Jewelry Photography on Black Background

How to photograph jewelry for etsy?

Jewelry photography sometimes feels like hard work on it. This is a very common question all the sellers are asking over the Etsy page. Sometimes you think that you have wonderful photographs of jewelry products but you are not getting buyers according to expectations.

Etsy is the overfilled market for many jewelry sellers. Over 13 million jewelry sellers already registered and are selling their jewelry products. So while you start photography of jewelry products for Etsy you have to be remarkable to compete with your competitors.

So now the question is how to start unique jewelry photo shooting? One most simple and best way is to present your jewelry photographs looks clear, professional looks and shiny.

Focus on details

Take your jewelry photographs from many different angles so buyers can understand what it looks like from all sides. Adding more with different styles, sizes and with different variations. Use your creativity with many different backgrounds like stones, shine ceramic, use the sand, water and many more.

You can also use more quantity of the same or different design with many angles to look creative. In the end you have to check your competitors and make a list before you move forward for your jewelry photography.

How to photograph jewelry at home?

Use natural light

Instead of camera flash use the natural lights for jewelry photographs. In this case jewelry looks bright and shiny. During the day time you can place all your photography gadgets near the windows and use the natural lights.

Use white paper sheet

For white background you can also use a simple white paper sheet. You can use it if you are working on low budget projects or you are a beginner. If you place it properly with natural light like near the window so in that case also you will get a nice result.

Jewelry photography with model

If you are professional and have a good budget so you can also shoot your jewelry with models as well. While buyers are buying any products online the main issue is you cannot try it. So before starting selling jewelry online you should think about jewelry photography with models.

You can also start your jewelry photograph shooting with female models to show necklace, earrings, bracelets, watches, imitations etc. very well. Professional photographers are also including makeup artists and taking many different angle photography. For jewelry products, the model is essentially a prop. So while you are shooting jewelry with a model it will be a tricky task as you have to focus on jewelry more than the model.

Ask model for different pose

Before you start with jewelry photography you must discuss with the model what kind of position that you require to shoot or you can give her some direction to work on it during the jewelry photography.

Jewelry photography kit


While you think about to start with jewelry photography shooting you need to choose the proper kits which you can set up easily in your budget and give you the best output. Before you start with your shooting you need to think about which lights, camera, tripods, lenses, tent, and table you need.

Best camera for jewelry photography

So before you start, the main gadget that you need is a camera. So you need to check which latest camera is best for jewelry photography, which one is used by your competitors in current time.

While you are choosing a jewelry photography camera you have to focus on many elements that can provide you with high quality jewelry products photographs. While you are purchasing a camera for jewelry photography you have to select a professional one.

If you are shooting as a professional photographer for online product selling portals so you need to be very careful with your camera and lenses.

You have to check many features like sharpness, zooming, quality after photography etc. There are many cameras available in the market with many features, brands that may be good according to your requirement. For jewelry photography you will shoot from 1 or max 2 feet from the product, which is very close distance.

So focus will be on the product, In this case camera and lenses are able to control the perforation settings properly. In this case majorly all the DSLR or mirror-less cameras will help you to get the same photography. So we have included some best cameras for jewelry photography below.

Nikon D3500

Nikon D3500

Nikon D3500 is the right camera to get the perfect jewelry photography. It will help you to get the important settings like aperture and shutter speed as per your needs. Any camera that let you jerk its setting can be a nice choice for jewelry photography.

Nikon D3500 is the best camera for beginners. Let’s discuss in detail why it is the best camera for jewelry photography and for the beginners. Its guide mode gives you assistance for setup, photography playback and retouching images.

It has 24MP with updated sensor and expelled images processor. This is the best camera known for top picture quality and very handy to use. There is no surprise that Nikon D3500 is delivering continually high quality images.

Nikon D7200


Nikon D7200 is producing sharp quality pictures with 24.2 MP and very low digital noise. It is also given full color matrix metering and EXIF data with manual-focus lenses. With f/1.8 aperture lens you can get the awesome quality and detailed images.

The Nikon D7200 has been replaced with D7500, as Nikon D7200 takes faster and better quality pictures during the low light. It has SnapBridge Bluetooth connectivity for quick and easy pairing with smartphones and other devices.

Canon EOS Rebel T7i

EOS Rebel T7i has a DSLR having 24 MP sensor which is producing the finest picture ever. It is manufactured with two pixel auto focus. These features make it the best jewelry photography camera. Canon has specially made for photographers to take high quality photos with 1:1 macros magnification works great.EOS Rebel T7i has a DSLR having 24 MP sensor which is producing the finest picture ever. It is manufactured with two pixel auto focus. These features make it the best jewelry photography camera. Canon has specially made for photographers to take high quality photos with 1:1 macros magnification works great.

It has 45 AF points, all of which are horizontally and vertically sensitive and built with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features. The canon rebel series is the top selling series of DSLRs in the world.

Best lens for jewelry photography

Lenses are the most important part of photography. While you are choosing lenses you must take care of all the impact and requirements as you need to take photographs from very near distance. Good Macro lenses are taking quality and detailed photographs of earring or rings.

While you are doing jewelry photography for online selling on your own website or on a big ecommerce platform like eBay or Amazon you need to have professional jewelry photography kits as you just not need to produce the quality images but you also need to take care of different angles, style, background, shine etc.

1. Nikon AF-S VR Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED


If you are shooting a larger jewelry image like a ring or necklaces you must use Nikon’s Micro-NIKKOR 105mm lens. It is the perfect one for macro photography as it delivers 105mm of reach.

It has many other important features like fast and maximum aperture at f2.8 and a reproduction ratio of 1:1. One more awesome feature is reducing the vibration and giving very stable images results.

The Nikon AF-S VR Micro-Nikon 105mm f/2.8G is the right lens for the professional photographers as it is dense and helps to shoot life-size photos on a full-frame image sensor.

2. Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S NIKKOR

Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S NIKKOR

For jewelry product photography you can also use a normal lens which will give you good results as well. In this area where 50mm lenses come in. For the photography professionals the Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S NIKKOR lens capturing simple and perfect images look like our own eyes.

This kind of multifaceted prime lenses are perfect for the photographer as beginners to professionals. If you are a beginner, this lens comes at a very affordable cost and very handy to use. As basic users can simply start off with Nikkor glass and take the outstanding jewelry product photography.

3. Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens


If you think to have larger photographs of jewelry in that case you should contemplate Nikon’s Micro-NIKKOR 105mm lens. It is a perfect for macro photography shooting as it provides 105mm of reach. This is frequently used by those photographers who started their macro photography. It is a 100 macro medium lens with light weight.

2.8 Macro USM Lens are taking very sharp images and even open at ƒ/2.8. At this level setting you can generate detailed and sharp jewelry photography. The EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM lens is coming with “Hybrid Optical Image Stabilization,” which helps to generate the stabilized images. So this is very useful with a macro lens as it is with features of close-focusing limits.

4.Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS

Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS

Jewelry photography is all the time about the details. Here macro lens is most useful in capturing detailed and sharp photography. Once you fix the focal length of 90mm, it is extremely suggested Sony lenses are perfect for beginners and professional photographers. The good feature of this Sony lens is circular aperture blades are creating visual quality very attractive and out of focus blur.

The lenses also come with Nano AR coating, stabilize with image capture and has silent sonic type AF system driving two afloat accuracy and care of internal focus as well.

5. Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro

The Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM is coming with a macro lens that made for shooting especially for close up shots. It is a great product for professional photographers. This Canon lens is taking continuous telephoto crucial length and can be a provocation to use.

This type of macro lenses are perfect for jewelry photography and other products photography as well. It allows you to zoom in details to capture very detailed photography.

Tripod – jewelry photography equipment

Tripod is the most important and robust part of jewelry photography equipment. Tripod for product photography is the most hard task some time to come with usable features. Tripod for product photography is the most hard task some time to come with usable features.

1. ZOMEI Camera Tripod 72 inch Tripod

ZOMEI Camera Tripod 72 inch is a tall tripod with six feet in height. You can adjust according to your need and jewelry products on the table. The main features of this tripod is the horizontal central column option. With a horizontal central column gives you position directly above the product.

Costing is starting around the 280$ range. This is the one of the best tripods for jewelry photography or any other product photography. It’s made from high quality solid aluminum and columns are easy to use.

2. TVC-33 Versa Series 3 Mk2 Carbon Fibre Tripod and BH-55 Ball Head

TVC-33 Versa Series 3 Mk2 Carbon Fibre Tripod and BH-55 Ball Head

TVC-33 Versa Series 3 Mk2 made with carbon fibre tripod is a beautiful and ideal for the product photography. It comes with features like twist lock rubber ball feet etc. It has a ratcheting system for the leg to lock, it will keep your hands free.

Jewelry photography lighting

Revolutionary is that numbers of light reach to your camera sensor which confirms the brightness or darkness of the photography images. Best exposure is built up with three factors: Shutter speed, ISO and aperture.

1. Back Lighting for jewelry

Back light is the procedure of using the limpidity like jewelry products with light from back. Use and perfect shooting area within home or studio. IT will help you to move around the photography area. Jewelry is very delicate. So use the hard platform and enough space for the back light which helps you to shoot jewelry from some different angles.

How to take pictures of jewelry with iPhone

How to take pictures of jewelry with iPhone

The number of smartphones are providing outstanding front and rear cameras starting from 13 MP to 64 MP with many other features. I believe that you can also use the smartphone for jewelry photography if you use it with many techniques.

The iPhone 11 Pro’s has the best camera system. Now with iPhone 11 Pros you can use more for photography as it has a great camera system. IPhone11 Pro’s camera system is abundant to shoot particular kinds of photography like jewelry photography.

Not just iPhone 11 Pro but iPhone 11, 11 Pro Max has superior cameras that get you enough zoom performance, deep fusion and night mode for shooting photography even in low lights. 12 MP cameras come with f/1.8 aperture with ocular and stabilized images. If you check the iPhone 11 pro and 11 Pro Max camera has been upgraded before it has a camera in all versions.

Not just iPhone but you can also choose any high quality camera smartphone. You can also use the android phone as nowadays it’s come with high quality camera function and you can catch great quality jewelry photography.

Phone Tripod

If you are using a smartphone camera for jewelry photography or any product photography for stabilization you need to use a tripod. Most tripods are made for cameras where you cannot attach the smartphone. So while you are choosing a tripod for smartphone you need to go through some latest tripod and check which one is best for you.

1. Joby’s GorillaPod 1K Kit


Joby’s GorillaPod 1K Kit is good strong and flexible tripod according to prices. Ball head moves easy and long clear legs wrap around anything. It is 10.24 inches from mount to foot and 4 inches longer with affordable rates. It has 2.2 pound weight which is good to support most smartphones.

2. Square Jellyfish Metal Spring Tripod Mount


One more Square Jellyfish is also a quality tripod with capability to hold big size smartphones. While you think about beginning your jewelry photography with a smartphone, choose the metal tripod like Square Jellyfish with the GorillaPod 1K Kit because it is more secure.

360 Jewelry Photography

To shoot your designs with good light and provide customers 100% satisfaction from seeing from all the angles. Almost all online sellers are suffering from the same problem. Nowadays technology is increasing and it’s helping to see the products 360 view to buyers online.

360 product photography is helping buyers to check the products from all the sides and feel how it will look after delivery. It will also help sellers to reduce the return of products. Many companies are manufacturing the photo light boxes where you can take 360 degree product photography.

How to do 360 degree photography?

While you are starting to make a 360 degree view of the product, your camera must be stable and not move around the product. In 360 degree cameras stay over the tripod and shooting the images product rotates with 360 degree turntable.

Once you are done with jewelry photography, the next part is to edit the proper images and upload your raw images to the Adobe Bridge or Adobe Lightroom to line-up all photographs. Once everything is done you can upload those line-up images to Adobe Premiere and check all the loops. Once it’s perfect you can download it and upload to your online store.

Jewelry Retouching Services

Jewelry Retouching – Adding Shine

After done with all kinds of jewelry photography you need to move forward with the most important part is Jewelry Retouching Services. Even after done with photography, photo editing services are the most important and robust process before uploading it online.

What jewelry photo retouching services include?

Jewelry photo retouching services including shine, color enhancement, background removal, Dust removal etc. to make jewelry photographs spotless. Many parts of jewelry may look out of focus and look unprofessional.

Jewelry photo retouching task: make sure all the jewelry images are ready to use for online stores, propositional and branding. It makes the picture look naturally eye catchy and attractive. You can also outsource photo retouching services to many photo editing companies out there to save time and cost.

Outsourcing photo editing

Jewelry photo retouching services including shine, color enhancement, background removal, Dust removal etc. to make jewelry photographs spotless. Many parts of jewelry may look out of focus and look unprofessional.

Jewelry retouching task: make sure all the jewelry images are ready to use for online stores, propositional and branding. It makes the picture look naturally eye catchy and attractive. You can also outsource photo retouching services to many photo editing companies out there to save time and cost.

Photo Editing Jobs

Our photo editing jobs start from 0.39$ per image which we are delivering within 24 hours to our clients. We are working on all kinds of photo editing jobs like fashion photo editing, real estate photo editing, product photo editing and retouching etc. We are working 24×7 to deliver maximum images to our clients within 24 hours across the globe. You can try our services with small numbers of images.

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