Instagram Poses

Instagram Poses

In the year of 2021 Instagram is the most popular social media platform for sharing photos and videos. Many people are sharing their modeling images which are liked by the people and they follow them. Before you are sharing your images over Instagram you also need to check some images with a good amount of followers. If you are not sure about Instagram poses so you also need to start following their images to get new ideas.

I have mentioned some shoe photography tips and tricks for trend 2021. I believe it will help you to take more outstanding images and help you to increase your sales as well.

1.Walking Pose

Walking Model

Walking poses look very professional and speak naturally. Showing movement into the images look simple and not over react. If you recall it is a very old style but still popular and people are mostly following up in 2021 as well.

As per one survey 47.7% poses look like walking or step forward images overs the Instagram. For this kind of pose you just have to move around and shoot the images.

2.The Knee Popup

Jojo Babie
Source: Jojo Babie

In the year of 2019-2020 most common poses on Instagram were people standing with one leg front. As per one survey 14.8% of poses are found with the same position. I have noticed that model’s many images with knee pop on Instagram than elsewhere.

I have discussed this over the social media with many modelling professionals and they said banding the know and popup the hips from one side look so cool and attractive.

If you check Jojo Babie who has 10.2 million followers he uses the highest knee pop in photo shoot over Instagram.

3.Vacation Pose

Vaction Instagram Poses

Stay or walk in a new environment during your vacation time like on the beach or garden or nice farm house etc. At the same time you can wear the shots hat with light makeup over the body and look relaxed.

If you check out 100 to 60% people love to have more photography during the traveling or on a vacation. Because during the holiday people are exploring new places and want to take as much as photography in many different styles.

At the same time you will also have a nice place like, beach, mountains, jungle, waterfall etc. So it is best time and place to get maximum images.

4.The Flamingo

One leg in front and knee popped called the flamingo style. Flamingo style photography was more famous around 2018 to 2019. During this year 15% of the modeling poses was following the flamingo style over Instagram.

If you check Instagram of Dolly Castro who has 6.4 million followers. Her 17% images are flamingo style.

5.Catwalk Pose

Cat Walk Instagram Poses

Catwalk Pose is the one of the oldest photography and followed by almost all professional models. It is also famous during fashion shows across the globe. If you will follow this kind of catwalk in your photography it will give you a professional model look.

6.Use Props

USE Prop Instagram Poses

Most of the new people don’t know what to do with their hands to get outstanding Instagram Poses. If you check many popular and top models are using the umbrella, a flower, camera etc. You can also follow the same to get professional Instagram poses.

Regarding the props, it is not important to buy any costly product or so. You can use cheap photography props like a bunch of roses or any kind of flowers, a wine glass, guitar etc.

7.Street Pose.

You can also start your Instagram poses near your home on bridges where there is very low traffic and nice sunlight. You can visit this kind of place and make a list of what is the best time to get the pose while having low traffic and nice sunlight.

You can start walking and someone can take your images where you can blur the background or you can show traffic as well. It depends if you have a nice street background in that case you can show it as well.

In the above image you can check the same that shows a nice car there in the background which looks professional.

8.Car Pose.

You can also shoot the images with a car. You can find a nice car with a red, yellow or blue car and start the photography as well for your Instagram. On the other way you can also get a car on a rent like any branded luxury or branded car on hourly basis for Instagram Poses.

Moreover you can also get your professional Instagram poses with sport bikes, big bikes etc. Same like care you can get it on rent for a few hours to get new images in many poses.

9.Base is Jumping

It’s a great idea to have photography like jumping with joy. This kind of photography is a bit hard to hold and shoot the images in very minimum time. But experienced Instagram models are following the same style to get jumping images.

People love to follow this kind of photography because it looks like joy and provides freshness to their mood as well. You can shoot these kinds of poses from the below and have a nice background as well. You have to try many times to get the perfect shot for your Instagram account.

10.Where to Next?

Imagine that you are a tourist and thinking about how to find out where to go. This kind of photo shoot looks very natural and attractive. You can shoot this kind of images while you are on a vacation and having a nice location there.

11.Hands in Pockets

Hand in pocket is very well known and very simple but professional poses for Instagram. It is also nice for the beginners to start with some basic style to shoot. While you are starting Instagram poses you must follow some common and simple style.

You can wear nice clothes and stand in front of the camera while your hands are in the pocket and smile over the face.

12.Over the Shoulder

Just look at the camera with your smile. But not to overdone and it should look natural. At the same time also shows your watch or jewelry. It should look like that someone is calling you and you are happy to see him.

13.Season Poses

You can wear the clothes according to the season for Instagram Poses. For example it is winter so you can wear a latest style sweater, cap etc or have a monsoon so you can wear a raincoat or show the fancy new style umbrella.

You can also shoot this kind of images while you are over the vacation and your destination in a cold or hot area. You can wear accordingly to get the model poses for Instagram.

14.Where I am

If you are on vacation or visit your dream place or famous place it is the best time to have a pose for your Instagram account. Make a good position by yourself next to the front of the landmark to get a nice shoot.

You must take advantage of the place to get a nice photoshoot like a professional.

15.Instagram Poses Guys

In the above 12 points we almost discuss all common photography which is followed by almost all professional and beginner models since a long time. But we have not discussed anything particular about guys and girls photography.

Let’s discuss Instagram poses guys and girls.


While you are shooting a man sitting provides a natural pose to his body and shows relaxation. While we are seated comfortably so we can provide the natural photography automatic. You can check over the male model images and find a very famous and common photograph. You can also shoot from the eye lever or from the above and ask to look up to you.

2.Arms Crossed

In many poses for guys I have noticed that crossed arms.You can shoot him from the side or front looks better. While you are shooting crossed arms for guys you can also blur the background to highlight the model only.


While you are shooting outdoors you can take the images in many styles like walking, seating, and looking somewhere. While a man walking slowly you can take some shots to get a perfect steady image. Also make sure to use a shutter speed of a minimum 1/320 to freeze any motion.

16.Cute Instagram Photography

Photography for Instagram images may be daunting but it’s not like that. If you check some old accounts over Instagram so you will find that old images are a bit not professional by it’s improved day by day snap by snap.

1.Look Back

This once great and simple idea for photography. You just have to look back with a smile then pop your shoulder up towards your face. At the same time try to pop up your hips forward. It will give you a more natural look in the images.

2.Hands through hair

Hands through hair

One of the best ways to get short hands in hair for the woman. These kinds of photos look fine and style for your Instagram poses. You can play with your hair or look like you are fixing your hair or just relax.

17.Face Mask

After Covid-19 people are using face masks in modeling as well. Many celebrities are using the costly face mask as well for the modeling. It is a new trend starting in 2021 and still going on. Some models are also using the normal mask as well.

18.Cross the legs

Cross legs images best suitable for the long person. This will give you a nice look if you are taller around 5.5 or 6 feet height. At the same time you can also wear high heels and it will give you a professional and sexy look. It will also attract your followers as well.

19.Walk to beach

Walking to the beach is one of my favorite activities and I love to have a nice shoot as well. Almost everyone loves to walk at the beach at the time of early morning or evening. It is a very natural and nice location to have great images.

You can take images during walking, sleeping, seating etc. So you can take as many images as you need in many different styles.

20.Seat on kerbstone

You can also take a photograph while you are seated on kerbstone. It is a very nice image for Instagram poses and modeling. You can wear a jeans, t-shirt which gives you a cool look. This look very relaxed.

You can wear a jeans, t-shirt which gives you a cool look. These look very relaxed poses or look cool. You can ask a photographer to take some images from different angles.

21.In the garden

Pose in the garden is very very old style. It is famous from the 80’s and still going on. Here especially women love to sit in a garden near a bunch of colorful flowers to get a cute Instagram photograph. You can also visit the big farm and take your images there as well.

22.Traditional Apparel

The best part of this photography is you can wear your traditional apparel. It will attract people who don’t know about your apparel. It is also a great chance to represent your culture to the globe.

So you can wear your local traditional clothes and shoot poses at nice locations or at your home as well.

23.Images with Pets

It is the best time to take your Instagram poses with your furry family members. I have seen that many people have pets and they love to spend more and more time with them. You can take your photography with your dogs, horse, cat etc while you are playing, setting or walking with them.

It is also a great memory photograph for you because our furry family member has a very short life.

24.Lazy Lean

Lazy lean is the also most common pose over Instagram.In this style you can seat,lying or relaxing etc. If you are at the beach or near the lake so you can just relax and have poses as well.

25.Head Hold

One more style is famous over Instagram is head hold. In this style one or two hands on the head or behind the head holds. If you check the Instagram account of Jimena Sanchez who has 8.2 million followers and host on Fox Sports. You will find that she is following the same style in many of her images.

26.Famous photographers instagram

Instagram photography is one of the most ambitious fields in 2021. While you are thinking about making a career in the fashion industry and want more and more followers over your Instagram so you also have to follow some famous photographers over Instagram.

I have selected some famous photographers over Instagram and I love their work some times.

1.Lara Jade

Source – Lara Jade

Lara Jade is a British fashion & Photographer. She started to photography at the age of only 14. After graduating college she moved to London and started her career in fashion photography. From there she never looked back on her career. Now she is also teaching photography as well in NYC. Lara Jade having 381k followers over Instagram larajadephotography.

2.Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz is a well-known American portrait photographer. Annie Leibovitz is a well-known American portrait photographer. She took her first images in the Philippines during the Vietnam War. She has 540k followers on Instagram. Check her portrait images look outstanding at annieleibovitz

3.Mert Alas

Source: mertalas

Mert Alas is a Turkish photographer from 20 years. He is very well known to work with celebrities like Katy Perry, Gigi Hadid etc. You can check the portfolio of fashion photography which will provide amazing ideas. Moreover 1.5 million followers are always waiting to check new fashion photography on mertalas.

27.Fashion Photo Editing Services

Photo Enhancement Services

After done with Instagram Poses you can move to the next process that is called fashion photo retouching services. You need to go through each of your images before you upload it over Instagram or any other social media platform.

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