High Fashion Photography

High Fashion Photography

High Fashion Photography is everywhere. You will see hundreds of pictures a day of men and women dressed-up (or down), showcasing clothes, accessories, and footwear. It’s one of the biggest, most profitable areas of photography. When it’s New York, Paris, Singapore or London, the significant fashion houses and style magazines are searching for fashion photographers.

What is Fashion Photography?

Being in an e-commerce business, product pictures at your website should be your USP (Unique Selling Point). Many e-commerce agencies fail due to poor pix only. The good display usually attracts visitors.

This article talks about some imperative guidelines for trend merchandising photography that e-commerce save proprietors’ mind. Because the pictures are not only about clicking random pictures, it is an artwork where real photographs displayed in a virtual world. Here, we will have an insight into core aspects that assist in endorsing the trend business via tremendous snaps.

First of all, the fashion picture is a genre of photography. It’s no longer what images are all about. It’s simply a sub-type of photography. From the identity itself, one can deduce that fashion pictures have something to do with clothes, accessories, footwear and different trend items. Because of its image of being “glamorous,” “stylish,” “fun” and even “lucrative,” fashion images have become an enterprise absolutely on its own.

1.Prepare your garment

Your merchandise needs to look their absolute pleasant in your images. It’s an unfortunate truth of life that apparel can grow to be wrinkled, creased, and start to seem to be worn from storage and transport. Clothing samples face a particularly rough time of it, as they often cowl a lot of miles and may also not have been perfectly developed, to begin with.

Preparing garments to be photographed is a quintessential beginning point for photographing your products, yet many photographers bypass this step and depend on Photoshop to restore wrinkles, stains, and other visible defects. Don’t do that. Photoshop isn’t magic: it takes time and knowledge to grasp superior modifying techniques, and excessive modifying risks compromising image quality.

Try to capture your garment in a kingdom as close to ideal as viable and use Photoshop solely to add final touches and color correction.

Attire catches most of the attention of viewers whilst they are seeing trend merchandise at website. If the garments have wrinkles, creases and seem to be shabby, it is not suggestive to pass ahead for photograph shoot. Here, you might have an excuse to go for Photoshop work to restore such issues.

No doubt that Photoshop is a terrific tool but it increases your dependency if you are no longer a specialist in it. So, it is recommended to have a look at attire and repair the matters earlier than transferring ahead for photography.

2.Select the Location & Setup studio

Many Photoshoots took location in an in-house studio with a simple background like black/white. Such photos can without problems mix with different patterns and poses. If you favor to go for location-based photography, then pick out the regular location, visit it first, imagine how you will use mannequin and lights to carry your thinking to subsequent level, etc. This homework saves your time, cash and resources as well.

Select the location

3.Use a Mannequin or Live Model

Many clothing photographers forget about the significance of speaking shape and suit to clients with the aid of photographing garments being worn by way of mannequins or live models. Instead, they truly lay apparel flat or graphic it on hangers. This is a large trend merchandising mistake.

While models create article of clothing return to life, a mannequin is that the next neatest thing for a photograph shoot on budget or strict time restraints. permitting the client to ascertain the form and natural draping of every product can provide them a sensible plan of however the garment can match on them — not to mention a higher-quality looking expertise.

A little styling can go a long way toward efficaciously merchandising images, too. If your garment appears to be too massive for your mannequin, try fitting it closer to your model by pinning it and tucking your garment so that it is styled to healthy properly.

The bigger photos of your product that you just offer, the additional the shopper can return to know concerning the merchandise. this can furnish them with a higher searching expertise and show the good of your merchandise, as properly as check that the patron is comfy once the merchandise arrives, reducing returns and saving you cash.

4.Provide Enough Imagery

A low image count is one in every of the worst fashion commercialism mistakes you’ll be able to build. Contrary to in style belief, one or 2 pictures of every product is solely not enough to convey customers a correct sympathize with the standard of your inventory.

Therefore, it’s important to provide customers as much information as possible about every product by means of uploading at least three snapshots per product — and ideally 5 to 10. At the very least, exhibit a front, facet and back view of the product, along with a detail shot.


Photograph as several angles of your merchandise as attainable. think about supplementing with close-ups of essential product elaborations, like buttons, zippers or embroidery.

5.Proper Lighting

Lighting setup is definitely based on area you choose. In indoor shoot, probably you’ll require much less lighting fixtures in evaluate to outside photography. Bright lighting is core requirements to have correct publicity of your fashion merchandising.

To get extraordinary picture, organize the photograph shoot underneath enough of light. To have sufficient lighting, you can go for both herbal from a big window or relaxation synthetic light equipment.

Having synthetic lighting fixtures equipment at your disposal will enable you to shoot when there without a doubt isn’t sufficient mild coming in through the window. For a single light setup, you’ll want a light head, softbox, c-stand, battery pack, and pocket wizard.

Don’t be that ecommerce retailer whose product pix look dingy and underexposed. Bright lighting should be one of your biggest priorities when you begin testing photos.

6.Correct Camera Settings

If your digital camera settings are wrong, then no quantity of Photoshopping knowledge will be in a position to make your pictures appear professional. Make certain that you apprehend ISO, aperture, and white stability earlier than you picture your products.

Make positive that your ISO is no increased than 600-640. Higher ISOs produce distracting “noise” or “grain,” which is grayish or colored speckles that make photographs appear extra filmic. The higher you go the worse the noise will be. At higher ISOs the camera can’t seize as a lot sharpness, so details begin to look soft. Using a tripod will permit you to keep your ISO at a hundred or 200 for most desirable clarity and sharpness.

Aperture, which is represented by way of the quantity of your camera settings (e.g. f/16, f/2.8), controls focus. Generally, the larger the aperture range the extra factors of the photograph will be in full focus. Make certain to set your aperture higher than f/11; this will enable for all components of your products to be in complete focus.

7.White Balance Definition

White balance refers to the shade cast of the image. The color cast of a photo is usually a skinny layer of unwanted color, affecting the total of the image.

Fashion photography poses

Orange and crimson shades are generally referred to as being warmer, with crimson and blue colorations as cooler. The coloration forged of a picture depends on the light supply being used and the camera’s white balance setting, which controls how the digicam interprets the colours that it records. There are many special kinds of light sources, however the most common are tungsten, fluorescent, LED and natural sunlight.

8.Editing your product photos to increase sales

Once you’re done taking snapshots of your products, it’s time to edit your pix to make them all looking regular for your online store. This is a core part of your fashion pictures campaign. While modifying fashion merchandising pictures for online store, one has to be very correct in phrases of photo background, alignment, colors, cropping, and a good deal more.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

To get professional Fashion Photo Retouching Services, e-commerce commercial enterprise proprietors have to appoint image enhancing gurus from a well-established organization like Photo Technolabs.

Prettify Your Fashion Merchandising with Photo Technolabs

If you choose to take your apparel images to the next level, suppose about growing Ghost Mannequins — you can’t get any more expert than that.

A ghost model effect makes your product pics seem like it takes the shape of a human except exhibiting a model. By showing small sections of the inner of the garment, you supply the product an extra third-dimensional form.

Boost your brand, increase your sales, and earn desirable quantity of bucks by allowing Photo Technolabs to work for you. We have the ability to produce and supply high quantity image modifying 24×7*365. Start your Free Trial of bulk image editing nowadays with us, we would be glad to partner with you.

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