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Photo Technolabs is an established name that provides Best Photo Editing Service. The company has a strong team of editing professionals who are engaged in Clipping Path, Photo Cutout, Photo Retouching, Photo Enhancement, Image Masking, Photo Restoration work. We function 24×7 in order to dispense the work and help solve problems on time. Photo Technolabs believe in delivering exceptional and cost-effective services by:

Imageries convey a lot about the ideas and thoughts of the online business. A big deal is required to organize, edit and provide a striking look to the images. This will help the business owners in the marketing of their products and services. With the Professional Photo Editing Services, the online business can thrive to a wider extent.

Using advanced technological software.

Providing work for E-Commerce, Fashion, Real estate, Apparel, Jewelry, Furniture, Footwear Industries and Wedding Photography too.

Offering Customized Solutions for the pictures that are to put up on the client’s websites

Best Photo Editing Service


The professionals at Photo Technolabs understand the clientele needs for removal of unnecessary background from the images. This aids in toning of the pictures with the assistance of Photo Clipping Path service. Our company facilitates E-Commerce businesses to create interest amongst their consumers. Photo Technolabs provides the following:.

Products to be Focal Point: – It is used to make the product a point of focus from the stagnant images. We make the products look finest from the cluttered background.

Keeping the Files Intact: – We make sure that the product image remains intact while displacing the undesirable background.

Optimized Images: – The clipping path service helps in optimizing the images that help in looking lucid on the web page.

Photo Cutout Services

At Photo Technolabs, we understand our client’s requirements so the professionals give proper attention while proceeding with image cutouts. We strive to provide clean and gleaming images that fascinate the consumers to the company’s website on a repeated basis. The Photo Cutout by our company consists of the following:

Different Look to Pictures: – The photo cutout by our professionals involves providing a distinct look to the two objects in the same photograph.

Customizing: – The customization is done in the background or transparent background is added to photos.

Logo Removal & Image Services: – Rendering logo removal services. Photo Cutout Services is provided for the bulk images.

Usage of Right Tools: – We use the right mix of tools and software for the manipulation and editing of the pictures according to client’s necessity. Our experts focus on rendering pixel-perfect images.

product photo editing services

Photo Restoration Services

The creators of Photo Technolabs restore the damaged, scratched or crinkled photographs of the customers. Most of the people bring their wedding or family photographs to be fixed by the experts. We understand the emotions involved with a particular photograph so our experts deliver excellent restoration work. It includes the following:

E-mail Services: – Mailing of the images after the professionals restore them. The images are saved on the cloud-server in a higher resolution.

Digital Restoration: – Photo Technolabs also provides digital restoration of the photographs if they are not to be used for physical printing. Photo Restoration is also done for the faded, distorted, fire or water damaged and discolored photographs.

Forming Real Images: – Usage of Digital Technology to form the nearest real images.

Photo Enhancement Services

Photo Technolabs augment the image quality with photo enhancement service. We make the images enchanting, correct their colors, recreates the old and dim photos and much more. Photo Enhancement especially works wonder in the fashion industry. Here are some of its vital services by Photo Technolabs:

Digital Enhancement: – With our Photo Enhancement technique, we correct the blemishes, clear the wrinkles, removes braces or changes the eye color.

Image Cropping: – Providing image cropping to remove unwanted detailing on the photo.

Using Perfect Tools: – We rectify the density contrast in order to make the pictures look flawless. Our experts use Adobe Photoshop and other latest techniques. We enhance the images with the help of cosmetic retouching and eradicating any momentary marks.

beauty retouching services
Glamorous Photo Editing

Photo Retouching Services

We create aesthetically appealing effects for the images of the products and persons with Photo Retouching service. Our experts use innovative technologies for making the images dynamic. The experts at Photo Technolabs provide best photo editing service to the following sectors:

Real Estate: – For Real Estate photography, the professional’s process the high-quality images and retouches them according to client’s requirements. We provide faster turnaround time for delivery.

E-Commerce: – The professionally retouched product images charm the buyers. It has become significant for the E-Commerce businesses to get high-quality images before putting them on their websites.

Wedding Photography: – We provide digital retouching of wedding photographs and enhanced looks for the printed photos.

Jewelry Business: – We concentrate on detailing, shine enhancement, removal of background, scratch removal, etc. for jewelry retouching service.

Image Masking Services

When there is a great detailing in the photographs and clipping path is not a possibility the next step is to choose Image Masking service. Photo Technolabs experts use advanced technology and Adobe Photoshop for creating sophisticated pictures. The Image Masking is particularly used for smoke, feathers, fur, blanket, hairs, etc. Our company’s image masking service includes:

Clipping Mask: – The professionals use the pen like tool for the clipping mask that maintains the robustness of the photos.

Image Masking through Photoshop: – Our Company offers replacement of background, refinement of edges, innovative or complex layering, removal of flyaway hair, fixing shadows and reflections.

Color Correction Service: – The professionals brighten the images by improving the color composure of the images.

Photo Retouching Services

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