4 Important Tips Image SEO

4 Important Tips Image SEO

SEO plays the most important role in the success of any digital marketing strategy. Gone are the days when all you had to do to rank #1 online was stuffing tons of keywords on all the pages of your website. In this age of fierce SEO competition, if you are willing to appear on top of SERPs, you have to ensure that you utilize the power of SEO.

Image SEO is a neglected part of SEO that most people don’t even talk about. But if you want to improve the image SEO of your website, here are the four most important things you must know!

1.The Proper Formats

Images come in a myriad of formats, and not all of them are optimized for SEO. Some of the most popular formats you can opt for while uploading images on your website are PNG, JPEG, and WEBP. While all these formats are common on the internet, the one you choose depends on the capacity of your hosting service and how much you value the site speed.

So before you end up scratching your head deciding which image format, you can hire a seo company singapore to help you figure out the best format for the image SEO of your website.

2.Do Not Copy

Copying the same image on your website will not help you at all with your image SEO efforts. For starters, forget about uploading the photos of generic businessmen in their suits with a fake smile. People and search engines no longer value repetitive content and images on a website.

If you want to charge up the Image SEO of your website, you have to ensure that you don’t end up cluttering your website with stock images. Try uploading images that you have taken yourself and avoid picking up the images that are probably published on a ton of websites.

3.File Name And Alt-Text

The photos you take with your smartphone or your camera have the timestamp as the filename. While it may help you sort different images on your computer, it will certainly not help the search engines identify what’s in your pictures.

Make sure that you include proper keywords in the filename of your image, so it signals the search engines about the high authority of your page. Also, make sure that you have a proper Alt Tag for all the images you upload on your website, as it also shows search engines what’s in the photo you have uploaded.

4.The Site Speed

You may end up thinking that visitors will only love your website if you upload “THE” best-looking photos on your website. But in reality, what visitors want is a responsive website that can help them get the information or products they want.

So don’t end up making it a priority to upload only the most upsized images on your website. Instead, learn some coding skills and try coming up with optimized versions of your images, so the website loads up in the blink of an eye on any smartphone.